Quality Affordable Homes

When I first began my quest to design quality homes at an affordable level, I began with the mantra on the right: ‘Challenge: Everything.’ I’ve even had a stamp made of it which I put on everything I draw or write – it has become my mantra. Basically, everything is up for grabs – methods, products and materials, structure, services and any other aspect of the construction industry that come across my path. I read books on alternative solutions, I research other industries to see what I can learn and from which I can apply to my goals.


Against this backdrop, I was researching flooring systems and originally exploring the idea of transportable concrete slabs – this was before I decided to cross concrete off my list of materials to use. Anyway, I came across an Auckland firm called Speedfloor, and duly emailed them for some information on their product. Parker Cline – the general manager – got back to me very promptly, and sent down some information on both their concrete and timber floor joist systems, and from there, an excellent business relationship began. I have met Parker several times now, the last being December when he took time out on a Saturday morning to show me around the factory, even though it was closed over the weekend.

Parker – an engineer by profession

Parker is one of those people that you are glad you have met – he is one of the most straight-up guys I have ever dealt with, and if his product is not suitable for your project, he will say so and direct you to a competitor who can supply. And he’s an American – go figure! Parker – an engineer by profession – spent a lot of time going over my drawings and concepts with me – even though eventual sales were clearly a long way off. He even met with my engineer to clarify various points and ideas. But to this point, he hasn’t actually sold me anything yet. Fast forward about 5 months to May this year, and Parker tells me that he is subscribing to EBOSS, and wants to feature me as a case study – all at Speedfloor’s expense. So, early June I am interviewed by a journalist from EBOSS, and a few weeks later there I am featured on Speedfloor’s pages. You can check it out here:

So, hats off to Parker and Speedfloor, and together we can build something.