I think therefore I write. With full respect to Rene Descartes, thinking is in very short supply these days. More often than not it’s been replaced by :

  • I don’t get paid to think
  • If you had thought about this a bit more
  • Now that’s thinking outside the box


T he importance of well written and regularly posted blogs, relevant articles and informative essays, cannot be underestimated. While existing clients know how to get hold of you, it’s your new ones that need to be established, and for that you need to consider your :

  • Short Term : existing + word of mouth
  • Medium Term : Short term + reputation
  • Long Term : reputation + online presence


Your online presence is where you get not only to say what you think, but to be heard. Whose profession doesn’t have issues that can’t be resolved due to the lack of :

  • communication
  • accountability
  • stubbornness